Hi Iím Mike. I live in Bavaria in Germany.
This site is dedicated to all people feel free riding bike.
And itís not so important which bike they ride.

Iíve been driving an 1100 custom DragStar since 1999.
Itís a very good feeling.
After one season I had driven the drag like original
I start to customize my bike.
You can see there the several steps. But the work will never end.

In November 2003 I bought my Road King.
First I changed all things to make it right to me.
See the pics at this site.I am proud of it.

In October 2005 I bought my Shovel.
It needed a lot to do to make it right.
But see the pics by yourself.

I made this site first to show you my bikes and my gallery
of pictures of visited rallys and runs
and second to help survive the bikersí lifestyle.


So you have the possibility to ask me some details about my bikes
or you can send me email to tell me what's on your mind!!!


In my links you will find some great sites of bikers.




Tell me whatís fine and what not
and send me a picture of your bike to help me create a drivers gallery.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Thanks for stopping by and come back again!



'The Brotherhood'

I don't believe that you can explain in words the
brotherhood means in the biker world.......If you got it, the right ones will know.
It does not come when you buy a bike, it is not part of the warranty nor the leathers you wear.
It does not come when your break in mileage comes around, nor when you get your first service appointment.
It does come with Respect, Honor and Devotion to those who would stand by your side in good times & bad.
It comes when your brothers accept that you have what it takes to be
respected, trusted, and faithful to the end.
If it never comes, you weren't meant to be part of the brotherhood.....
If it does, be proud and don't fuck it up!


When we do wrong, they never forget.....When we do right, they never remember!


Work when you have to,
Quit when you can.
Follow your dream
Be your own man.
Drink when you're thirsty
Whoop when you're high.
Love a good woman...
Ride till you die.


© copyrights by mifi